Words of Wisdom

In putting the teachings into practice, the first thing we should cultivate is the Pure Heart. The Pure Heart is a mind without discrimination or attachments. We must also develop proper understanding by listening to explanations of the Buddha’s Teachings.
What is purity? Purity is apart from defilement. Defilement is the greed, hatred, and stupidity present in our minds. Cultivation is cleansing these impurities from out hearts.
To keep our mind pure and at peace is like keeping a pond clean and undisturbed. When the water is clear and still, it can reflect the sky, sun and trees just as they are, without distortion. When we are polluted by greed, hatred, ignorance and disturbed by discriminations and attachments, we distort our picture of reality and fail to see things as they are. Wrong perceptions of reality can prevent us from enjoying a clear and happy life.
We should not be afraid to see our faults and mistakes because only then can be corrected. People who fail to see their own mistakes will not be able to change for the better.
Be considerate and kind in your speech. To put-down another person is only proving your own arrogance and lack of self-confidence to others.
Practicing virtue is to keep a kind heart, speak kind words, and do kind acts to benefit others.
A wise mind is like a mirror, reflecting and perceiving everything clearly without distortion.
Worries arise from the mind. You are wise if you do not let things worry you. Nothing and nobody can make you worry without your permission.
Our heart finds peace when we understand the law of cause and effect; "What goes around, comes around". We would cease to blame others for our own misfortunes because we would be aware of the fact that we brought it upon ourselves. When our heart is at peace, we develop concentration, and with concentration, wisdom comes forth. Wisdom is the key to changing our lives for the better because only with wisdom can we see true reality.
If we wish to bring peace to the world, we must start by changing our evil ways. World peace stems from inner peace.
We must cleanse ourselves of greed, hatred, and ignorance. These three poisons are the roots behind all our sufferings.
True love is undiscriminating, unattached, and unconditional, we should share this love with all beings. This is call compassion.
We must learn to "let go" and not be too stubborn with our viewpoints. If this goal can be achieved, then we will be at great ease and live a happy and fulfilling life.
Wise people do not harbour feelings of gain or loss. In this way, they often dwell in the joy of possessing peace of mind.
When we encounter a person or a situation we do not like, it is the perfect opportunity for us to practice patience and cultivate a pure and compassionate heart.
Everything changes, nothing remains without change.
Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shartened. Hapiness never decreases by being shared.
Hatred never cease by hatred, but by Love.
Have not remorseful thoughts of yesterday, or wishful thoughts of tomorrow.
Dwell instead in the present moment.

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