Ten Meritorious Deeds

The Ten Meritorious Deeds are the ten good acts that counteract the ten evils. They are as follow:

(1) Not to kill is to love and protect lives.
(2) Not to steal is to refrain from illegal possession of wealth.
(3) Not to commit adultery is to refrain from illicit sexual behaviour.
(4) Not to lie is not to tell something false.
(5) No gossiping tongue is not to tell tales between people thereby causing disharmony between them.
(6) No harsh speech is not to say things that are coarse or sardonic. When criticizing others for their wrong deeds we must speak softly instead of using words that are cruel and hurtful.
(7) Not to speak words that are beguiling is to speak words that are moral and beneficial for society. Beguiling words are words that sound nice, but have wrong thoughts and may result in killing, robbery, adultery, falsehood and other sins. They can be meaningless prattle and a waste of time.
(8) Not to be greedy is to take only what you deserve, and to be content with few desires. We should not covet things that do not belong to us.
(9) Not to have any hatred is to have compassion and to refrain from disputes and fights.
(10)To be free from wrong views is to have right under-standing. This means understanding and accepting the Law of Cause and Effect, the existence of past lives and future lives, the cycle of life and death, the state attainable by the saints and Arahats, and that Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are able to release themselves from the cycle of life and death. Do not let wrong thoughts, such as thoughts that claim death as the end of human existence arise.


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