The Buddha is not a God

The Buddha is not a God. He is a Great Human Being.

Those who do not know the Buddha properly, consider Him a God.

The Buddha appeared among men solely to make people see their ignorance, lack of awareness, wrong views, fallacies, and wrong actions.

To judge from how Buddhism is practised by its adherent in some countries before long, Buddhism, will get transformed into a religious system that is totally different from what the Buddha intended.
Rites and rituals and stupas and shrines are not the essence of Buddhism. There, too, are necessary for the survival of a religion, just as the bark is necessary for the tree to exist. When religious structures and religious rites and rituals get eroded, the religion dies off. Therefore, they, too, are necessary. But, they are not the true essence of a religion. Religions are not there for the use of animals but exclusively for the use of man. If man does not follow religion, or else if man does not make use of the religion, if he does not lead his life in accordance with religion, the religion will get restricted to books and to external rites and rituals.
The only thing He expected was that they would tread the Noble Path He indicated. But, without following that Path, if they kept on worshipping Him from morning till night, not just one day, but a hundred years, one cannot realize Nibbana. If one must realize Nibbana one must invariably tread the Path He indicated. One can become a true Buddhist only if one followed the Noble Eight-fold Path He advocated.

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