4 noble truths & eightfold path

The First Noble Truth : The Truth of Dukkha:

Life is full of Dissatisfaction- We undergo many unsatisfactory experiences which should be identified: Birth, Aging, Sickness and Death… Departure from what we love, Being with what we dislike, Failing to achieve what we want…

The Second Noble Truth : The Truth of the Origin of Dukkha:

The Cause of Dissatisfaction- These unsatisfactory experiences have causes which should be identified: Craving (Wanting), Hatred (Not Wanting) and Ignorance (Lack of Wisdom)

The Third Noble Truth : The Truth of the End of Dukkha- Nirvana:

Life can be Without Dissatisfaction- There is a peaceful state where there are no unsatisfactory experiences: Enlightenment or Nirvana

The Fourth Noble Truth : The Truth of the Path Leading to the End of Dukkha:

The Way to Life Without Dissatisfaction- There is a path to lead us to this state of peace and True Happiness: The Noble Eightfold Path.


Eightfold Path:

Right View, the wisdom realising emptiness

Right Intention, the mind that can explain the path clearly to others and is motivated by the wish for them to be freed from suffering

Right Speech, truth, kind, and appropriate speech

Right Action, actions that do not harm others

Right Livelihood, obtaining our subsistence- food, clothing, and so forth…by non- harming and honest means

Right Effort, effort to counteract the disturbing attitudes and negative emotions by meditating on the earth

Right Mindfulness, counteracting laxity and excitement in our meditation

Right Concentration, the mind can remain fixed, one- pointedly, upon virtuous objects


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