excerpts from, ten thousand lotus blossoms of the heart

excerpts from, ten thousand lotus blossoms of the heart- dharma master cheng yen & the tzu chi world:
"master cheng yen told her followers not to simply study buddhist sutras  or hold insignificant ceremonies. they could not get personal blessings just by worshipping the buddha day & night. the real meaning of budddhism was to relieve people’s suffering in body & mind. this could not be done just by studying sutras. it might take years for an ordinary person to understand the true meaning of the sutras, and life was very uncertain. people could not afford to wait for years to start doing good deeds. instead, the poor needed to be helped with kindness and compassion. so, the master used simple words and touching life stories to teach the true meaning of buddhism to her followers, and she asked them to ‘just do it.’ the earlier people started to do good deeds, the sooner people would be redeemed from their misery."
"when master cheng yen founded tzu chi, it was to help the poor. in her heart, she wanted to eradicate poverty. but she hadn’t expected that no matter how long she worked, there would always be more & more poor people. as she visited the poor, she realised that poverty was the result of sickness. you want to do away with poverty, you must first deal away with sickness."
"why is the world today in such turmoil? why do so many people pass their lives in pain and fear? the world suffers from a deficiency of love. master cheng yen teaches us to use the religious spirit of compassion to purify human hearts and to wash away the sickness of the world, so that all living creatures may receive more blessings. by putting the buddha’s teachings into practice and following the master’s ‘just do it’ philosophy, we strive to bring the pure land into our world and deliver all creatures from suffering."

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